A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

Blood on the Saddle
Tex Ritter / Blood on the Saddle


The full version of Blood on the Saddle.

Sung by Tex Ritter.


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This was the best birthday ever. /sarcasm.

Cool…Cuz I LOVE being accused of purposefully letting a stupid dog out, when in reality it just bolted out of the house, and it’s not even my roommate’s dog. Just his friends dog.  I didn’t even have to chase it down, be late for work. But when I ask that the dogs not come back, I get told “How dare you tell me what to do in my own house.” When I get told over and over what to do in my own house. JUST BECAUSE YOUR PARENTS OWN THE HOUSE DOESN’T MAKE YOU AUTOMATIC HOME OWNER. IT MAKES YOU THE SON OF RICH PARENTS WHO GIVE YOU EVERYTHING YOU WANT. I’M PAYING RENT AND UTILITIES AND DEALING WITH YOUR SHIT. 

Yeah, definitely breaking my lease within the coming months.  I can’t live here anymore.


This will help you write good.

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Her face in the last gif from BaS is just like: uh…..I fucked. I’m fucked.

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god bless comic artists for drawing captain america’s ass so fine

you guys think im jokin


ass so fine

god bless avengers casting directors for casting captain america’s ass so fine


i pledge allegiance to that ass

God bless america!!!

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